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Egyptian Frozen cauliflower for export
  • Cauliflower

    Explore Egypt's flourishing food export industry with our premium offerings, including organic herbs and frozen cauliflower. As a specialist in organic herbs wholesale, we've expanded our expertise to encompass nutrient-rich organic cauliflower. Our competitive prices make these wholesome products accessible for import and export, reinforcing Egypt's position in the global market. Count on us to supply the finest organic herbs and cauliflower, connecting Egypt's rich culinary heritage and top-tier food exports.

    Whether you're seeking the unique flavors of organic herbs or the health benefits of frozen organic cauliflower, our offerings showcase the best of Egypt's food export prowess. Our commitment to sustainable practices ensures that our organic herbs and cauliflower are cultivated without synthetic additives, meeting the demand for quality and healthy options. Egypt's reputation as a hub for organic food and herbs is well-deserved, thanks to its fertile soil and favorable climate.


    With a rich history of agriculture, Egypt has mastered the art of producing top-quality organic products. As a key player in the organic herbs wholesale market, we collaborate closely with local farmers to bring you a diverse selection of freshly harvested and frozen organic produce.


    Our frozen organic cauliflower stands as a prime example of the nutritional excellence that Egypt's food export industry offers. Packed with vitamins C and K, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, our cauliflower not only delights the palate but also contributes to overall health and well-being.


    This aligns with Egypt's dedication to delivering products that provide both taste and nourishment. In a world where health-conscious choices and culinary experiences go hand in hand, our range of organic herbs and frozen cauliflower caters to both demands. We take pride in being part of Egypt's legacy in the food export arena, consistently delivering quality products that showcase the country's commitment to excellence.


    From organic herbs wholesale to frozen cauliflower export, we're your gateway to the finest flavors and nutrition that Egypt has to offer.

    • Shipping sizes

      Container Loading:

      2400 cartons without pallets / 40ft Container

      2100 cartons with pallets / 40ft Container

    • Cauliflower Packing:

      Cauliflower Packing:

      1×10 k.g / Carton

      10×1 k.g / Carton

      4×2.5 k.g / Carton

      20×400 g.m / Carton

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